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This web site is tested with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and Mozilla Firefox 0.9.3 (Mozilla/5.0). The formatting is done automatically by style sheet, if available. We use stylesheets without tables, and text is XHTML conformant ('1.0 Transitional' due to frames). The more recent browser versions will show more help items, especially descriptions of the choices (links) in menu, navigation bars, and image maps. A frame conscious browser is fine but not absolutely needed. There is a menu frame on the left margin, but all links are in the text frame too.
If you are annoyed by frames, you may view the content pages without any frames. Please use the navigation bar on top and bottom of each page, as explained below, or the site map. If you are catched in another site's frame, use the navigation bar to reset your display as you like it. You can NOT adapt the width of the menu frame by dragging it's right border with the mouse.
The main means of navigation is the menu frame on the left margin. You can reach the main page and all direct subpages. To some subpages, there are sub-sub pages referred to by a link in the text, as all subpages too.
At top and bottom of each page there is a  light grey navigation bar  by which you can reach the respective super-, sub-, and neighbour pages. For those whose browser won't show the descriptions of the symbols in the navigation bar, here they are:
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You should choose a font size to fill out the menu frame on the left margin without producing line breaks or scroll bars. The text columns in the text frame will then be good-readable too.
We try to set a font for these web pages. If your browser will not show it, you may set Verdana, Arial, Helvetica or a similar sans-serif font as the variable width browser font for good-looking pages.
We set suitable link colours and try to deactivate link underlining in your browser for better readability (as we understand it). You could do it yourself if it doesn't work, but maybe not deactivate it if it does.
Still unused links are in light red, already visited links in dark blue. Active links you're just viewing are in medium blue, and links the mouse pointer is hovering over or that have gotten the window focus by moving with the tab key are in pure red.
Our pages are made for a screen resolution of at least 800x600 pixels. Better resolution is not needed, but would be more convenient.
You may view these pages with a 256 colour palette, but true colour (24 bit per pixel) would be better for the pictures.
There is funny noise embedded into several pages (though your browser might not play it). Hopefully, this won't irritate you too much or frighten up your surroundings. I simply couldn't control myself, sorry.
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