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Equatorial sundial of 1780, made in the city of Friedberg, Bavaria, Germany. Now in the local museum. The pole bar on the hour ring is turned down in the winter and up in the summer. The hour ring is turned up to the local elevation on the pole height quadrant (left), according to a table listing towns in Europe. The whole dial is turned horizontally to the right azimuth using the built-in compass.
Ancient Sundial
Our network time service and this accompanying web site are now (2008) up and running for 10 years. The old servers are still going strong, the network and thus the quality of service are better than ever. We hope the next 10 years will hold for us even more improvements and no problems.
Simple time servers are offered in the campus network of Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. (How would you call 'Fachhochschule' in English?) They are accessible from the Internet on request. Please look at the page Usage for details.
The Network Time Protocol NTP version 3 and 4 and the Simple Network Time Protocol SNTP are supported in server mode. Peering with other stratum-2 (buddy) servers is possible on request. There is a campus broadcast service, but no multicast service.
As an external user, please consider using a geographically close NTP Pool Time Server since that will be sufficient in many cases and is easier for you. pool.ntp.org is a project to provide a 'public ntp time server for everyone'. It's idea is load balancing over the most used time servers. Our servers are pooled too, so you will use them anyway.
Access policy:
internal free
(authentication key needed for broadcast client)
external PPR
(prior permission required by email)
not guaranteed
The servers are sometimes off-line for maintenance and upgrade.
Hierarchy level:
stratum 2
Forced to this level because we have only low precision radio clock receivers.
Network addresses and NTP versions:
tick.fh-augsburg.de ( v.3
tock.fh-augsburg.de ( v.3
tack.fh-augsburg.de ( v.4
These addresses are likely to be changed in the future.
Geographic location:
48 21 30 N, 10 54 24 E
(Augsburg, Germany)

This location is not likely to be changed in the future.
Hosting systems:
PC boxes with i486 25/33/50 MHz,
8/16 MB RAM and 200 MB / 1.2 GB disk
low precision raw DCF77 receivers
Linux 2.0.33 / 2.2.13
xntp3-5.93-export / 4.0.98d
You may yourself assess the performance of our NTP servers. Look at the actual status of server references and of radio clocks. Display statistics diagrams of the local clock loop and the external server connections. Go to the NTP subnet page or to the site map to choose.
In no event will Hochschule Augsburg or the operator of this service be liable for any direct, indirect or other consequential damages resulting from the use or an interruption of this service. See also our page on legal information.
You may choose from the menu on the left margin or below to get more information about our NTP service and related topics:
The structure of our NTP subnet.
How is it used? (Usage)
Why is it offered? (Motivation)
How is it realized? (Realization)
The DCF77 radio time broadcast.
The NTP protocol and software.
The 'Time' as a topic.
For questions or comments feel free to contact the operator of this service.
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